Kathrein-Scala FMVMP
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Kathrein-Scala FMVMP

FM Dipole Antenna (specificy frequency)


The Kathrein Scala Division FMVMP dipole antenna for FM radio transmission offers high performance, easy installation, and application flexibility. Dipoles may be stacked for more gain and higher power handling capacity as required. Arrays include power dividers and coax feeders, plus installation hardware. Like all Kathrein Scala Division antennas, the FMVMP is made of the finest materials using state of the art electrical and mechanical designs, resulting in superior performance and long service life.

All FMVMP antennas feature:
• Triple laminated dipole for superior strength.
• Anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction designed to survive extreme weather.
• Internal balun is sealed in a cast aluminum housing to prevent moisture ingress and ice damage.
• Entire antenna is at DC ground potential for superior resistance to lightning

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