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ENCO Interchange

Software Suite enables iDAD / enDroid


ENCO Interchange
ENCO InterchangeENCO InterchangeENCO Interchange
Have you ever felt constrained by where you can report from and how much gear you had to take with you? Control your DAD system from the road? iDAD and Interchange, a pair of tools that free those bonds and enable your system like never before. make the world, your studio.

iDAD is a mobile application for the ENCO DAD and Presenter audio automation studio systems designed initially for the wildly popular iPhone, iPod Touch and brand new iPad tablet device from Apple. iDAD allows your news reporters and announcers to record, label and then send audio from the mobile device directly to their DAD or Presenter automation systems for timely playback using interchange. iDAD also features a remote control function which allows easy control of a DAD or Presenter system from the mobile device using a simple array of buttons that represent various user definable DAD Command Language (DCL) based functions.

Interchange also provides the SendDCLsmall.pngframework for a number of upcoming “remote oriented” features & products that we’re working on, plus you can run PADapult and a number of additional DAD utilities on the unit allowing you to have a powerful ‘utility players’ on your DAD team. Your investment in interchange will continue to pay dividends with new field upgradable optional features in interchange that can be easily added to your system as they become available

*iPad app requires REMOTE-VT plugin

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