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Wheatstone M1MXL BCD-1PKGSage Digital ENDEC
Telos Hx1
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BSW News
February 9, 2015
If you use a general-purpose audio mixer, you’ve seen those knobs labelled “PAN”. What are they for? Where should they be set? PAN is short for PANORAMA, which loosely means ...
January 14, 2015
Breath Control
Before you speak, you inhale a fresh load of air. That air is used to make the sound of your voice. Most of the time, the air trickles out gently, but a few sounds (like “P” or ...
December 5, 2014
What Do I Need To Make This Happen?
Sometimes, you have a situation that you just don’t know how to solve. If that problem involves radio broadcasting, podcasting, live sound, recording, or most anything else related to pro ...