Presonus ACP88
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Presonus ACP88

Eight Channel Compressor Limiter Gate


Presonus ACP88
Presonus ACP88Presonus ACP88Presonus ACP88
The PreSonus ACP88 is an 8-channel dynamics processor designed to provide compression, limiting and noise gating in a variety of applications including multitrack recording, live sound reinforcement, broadcast and permanent sound installations. Each channel on the ACP88 provides crystal clear, musical compression and is equipped with full-featured controls including variable attack and release and soft/hard knee.

• manual or auto compressor mode
• noise gate with gate key/sidechain for precise frequency gating applications
• flexible channel linking (from 2 to 8 channels together in any order)
• LED indicators
• balanced 1/4" TRS I/O (selectable +4 dBu/-10 dBu)
• 2RU rack-mountable, all-steel chassis

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