Wheatstone VOXPRO 6 Bundle
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Wheatstone VOXPRO 6 Bundle

VOXPRO PC Software Version 6 with USB License Key and Control Panel


VP_SURFACE.JPGWheatstone VOXPRO 6 BundleWheatstone VOXPRO 6 BundleWheatstone VOXPRO 6 Bundle

VoxPro digital audio editing system is the de facto standard for live radio recording, editing and airing of clips in control and newsrooms worldwide. With it, clips can be recorded, edited and aired in moments.

For the user, VoxPro6 offers advanced features including Auto-Import, Auto-Record, EZ-Export, Automatic Gain Control, networked file access, customizable folders, and our trademark VoiceSlip effect for handling host/caller talk-over.

For the engineering staff or system administrator, VoxPro5 makes networking a snap; its flexibility and versatility allow it to be used in any physical or network configuration. User accounts are managed by means of simple ASCII text files, and user audio files are maintained in a standard Windows format.

Fast, reliable, and easy-to-learn, it consists of VoxPro software and a USB hardware control panel. Administrative functions allow management of disk space. An unlimited number of users create password protected folders for their own work. Unlimited undo and redo, remote start, and one-button insert record are just a few of VoxPro’s more used features. 10 Gig of hard drive storage holds about fifteen hours of stereo files.

Using intuitive icons and transport keys, the control panel allows users to speedily record and edit audio. VoxPro digitally records and edits voice, sound effects, and music clips on two tracks. All popular file formats, including MP3, MP2, WAV, AIFF and WMA files can be imported and exported individually or in groups. With a third party codec, you can also use M4A (iTunes format).

Among the VoxPro6 upgrades is a feature that enables talent to simultaneously record audio while editing or playing back other audio. Also new: a Gap-Buster function to automatically remove silence from interviews and phone calls, support for Hotkey and Marker labels in any of the world’s languages, color-coded Markers, and a detachable Hotkey panel. There’s also an option to hide the Editor and File List to reduce on-screen clutter, and greater integration with Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP audio network, including control for routing, salvos and playback tallies with end warning flash.

“We’ve combined all the intuitive capability that VoxPro is known for with several new features, then we Wheaty-ized it to turn it into an even more powerful tool in the broadcast studio,” says Rick Bidlack, lead engineer for VoxPro.

And no, you aren't imagining it. The VoxPro 6 Controller is now re-styled with a smooth black finish to match the black finish of other Wheatstone control surfaces and rack products.

VoxPro is a broadcast-specific digital recorder/editor. Its controller interface and software applications are designed to record, edit and play back clips in real time on-the-air. VoxPro is a staple in many studios to record and edit call-ins, interviews, ad hoc comments and spots.

*Wheatstone is currently shipping white controllers.

New Features VoxPro 6:
• Gap-Buster effect (automatic silence removal).
• Simultaneous playback and record (record in background while playing and editing in foreground).
• Ability to copy/move/delete/rename files from the Search panel.
• Support for Unicode labels in Hotkeys and Markers.
• Color-coded Markers, new graphical method to precisely position location of markers.
• WheatNet-IP (WNIP) routing controls.
• WNIP playback tally with end warning flash.
• User option for exclusive Hotkey playback mode.
• User option to disable remote control inputs and outputs.
• Detachable Hotkeys window, ability to hide Editor and File List panels.

Main Features:
• Rich set of playback options
• Editable recordings with several ways to create and use edit points
• Infinite undo/redo capability persists for the lifetime of a file
• Audio effects including normalization, mute, bleep, reverse, pitch change, and time stretch
• Import and Export files in standard formats
• Customizable scrubbing for fast and accurate positioning while editing
• Password protected user accounts
• Optional control panel with most commonly used controls, including jog wheel
• Any number of Hotkeys available for immediate one-button playback
• MultiTrack panel allowing additional support files overlayed on title track.

Controller Features:

• Measures 8.25" x 10". Takes up very little real estate.
• Ruggedly built to professional specifications to withstand normal control room abuse.
• Hotkey titles appear five at a time in the backlit LCD directly above the corresponding key.
• USB device.

Minimum System Requirements for running VoxPro6:
• P3 Processor or higher (P6/Core/Core Duo/Core-2,etc recommended)
• 500MB RAM · Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
• Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
• DirectX 11
• USB port for Control Panel · USB port for HASP dongle

Sound Card or Audio Device:

• 16-bit Audio · 44.1Khz or 48 kHz sample rate
• WDM driver with full DirectSound support Optional: WheatNet-IP Driver to Network via Ethernet (in this case, no soundcard needed)

Recommended System Requirements for running VoxPro:
• Any modern Intel or AMD-based 32- or 64-bit processor
• 500GB hard drive (each GB of hard drive space represents approximately 1.7 hours of recording time).

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