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Mic Distribution Amplifier


The DMA103 1x3 audio distribution amplifier accepts a microphone level input signal and provides either line or microphone level outputs to drive balanced or unbalanced lines.

The DMA103 provides up to 80dB gain and contains internal DIPswitch settings for mics of various sensitivities. The Master Gain Control lets you set overall level, and individual output trimmers let you vary each channel's output level to match the equipment you are feeding. 20VDC switchable Phantom Power is included, and 48VDC is optional.

ATI DMA103 Features:
• Compact 1/3 rack wide unit
• One microphone input to three servo balanced line outputs
• DIPswitch selection
• 20VDC switchable Phantom power
• Preamp gain
• Master gain control
• Independent output level trimmers
• XLR input and outputs
• Includes 24VDC external power supply

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