Radio Systems DA4X4B
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Radio Systems DA4X4B

Distribution Amplifier


Radio Systems DA4X4B
Radio Systems DA4X4BRadio Systems DA4X4B
Radio Systems’ DA-4x4b may be the best DA ever made. We've lowered the noise to a whisper at 102 dB below +4 dBm out with an internal toroidal transformer that dramatically reduces internal electrical interference fields. Distortion in the DA-4x4b is so low that it is hard to measure as a result of low noise op-amps and a careful design of the output amplifiers.3

Main Features:
• Versatile configurations- quad, stereo or mono
• Front panel individual output level sets
• Internal torroidal transformer
• Super-low noise and distortion specifications
• Individual rear panel removable I/O barrier strip connectors
• 110/220 volt - CE certified 
• Front panel audio presence and overload LED indicators
• Also available: DA-2x4b with stereo and mono configurations

• Channels 4 inputs x 4 outputs (DA-4x4b)
• Front panel indicators Power, audio level illuminates at -24 dBm (one per input channel), peak level illuminates at + 24 dBm (one per input channel)
• Input impedance 40K ohms, balanced and bridging
• Input gain 0 to +36 dB (16 dB, 26 dB, 36 dB – jumper selectable)
• Output impedance 60 ohms, balanced 
Maximum output level +25 dBm (into 600 ohm load)
• Frequency response +0/-.1 dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz
• Distortion (thd + n): .002% 20 Hz to 20 kHz (any output level into 600 ohm load)
• Distortion (SMPTE imd): .003% (any output level into 600 ohm load)
• Distortion (dim) .002% (into 600 ohm load)
• Noise 102 dB below +4 dBm (full bandwidth into 600 ohm load)
• Output channel isolation (crosstalk) -105 dB (full bandwidth)
• Dynamic range 123 dB
• Headroom 21 dB above +4 dBm output (into 600 ohm load)
• Common mode rejection -50 dB (full bandwidth)
• Dimensions 19 inch (EIA rack mount) wide x 1.75 inches (1ru) high x 
7.75 inches deep (with connectors)
• Shipping weight 8 pounds

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