CircuitWerkes EAS-4
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CircuitWerkes EAS-4

Endec Controller


The CircuitWerkes EAS-IV is a microprocessor-based controller that interfaces relay closures from your automation or other control sources to trigger Required Weekly Tests or Required Monthly Tests for single or multiple, co-located stations using the SAGE ENDEC EAS unit.

CircuitWerkes EAS-IV Features:
• Converts contact closures to serial data that triggers the required weekly or monthly tests
• Up to four different, co-located stations can be controlled using one ENDEC with the Sage RP-2 relay panel (a.k.a. MSRP) and the EAS-4
• In addition to RWT and RMT test generation, the EAS-4 can operate four ENDEC macro functions
• Both standard serial and null modem cables can be selected
• When your ENDEC is busy, the EAS-4 waits until the ENDEC is clear to proceed
• Relay outputs for ENDEC Busy 1 & 2 mirrors ENDEC's outputs
• LEDs for all RWTs and RMTs, ENDEC Busy, EAS-4 busy, Power and Test Failure
• EAS-4 busy relay output for interfacing to automation systems
• Event complete relay output for logging that tests were transmitted to the ENDEC

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