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Advanced Feedback Suppressor


The dbx AFS 224 Advanced Feedback Suppression processor delivers state-of-the art feedback elimination processing for both installation and live sound. From its powerful DSP module to its simple and intuitive control interface, the AFS 224 provides plenty of processing and control to handle the most challenging situations.

For unprecedented control, the dbx AFS 224 offers up to 24 filters per channel with filter Qs up to 1/80 of an octave, as well as selectable modes, live filter lift and types of filtration.

dbx AFS 224 Features:
• Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS) technology
• 24 programmable filters per channel
• Stereo or dual independent channel processing
• Live and fixed filter modes
• Selectable filter lift times
• Application-specific filter types include: Speech and Music Low, Med and High
• Input channel metering
• 24 LED per channel filter metering
• XLR and TRS I/O

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