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CircuitWerkes PREX
Programmable Relay Expander


The CircuitWerkes pREX microprocessor controlled relay expander is a powerful tool for managing and multiplying contact closures in your facility. The pREX accepts a wide variety of input signals and converts them to contact closure outputs. Because the microprocessor allows each relay to be individually programmed, the pREX can be configured in almost any way imaginable. Each relay can be triggered by any number of inputs, combined together using basic logic functions. Relay operating modes include: Momentary, Toggled, Leading or Trailing edge, Pulse stretching up to 4.5 hours, Input debounce, Maximum ontime and more. The pREX can be programmed using jumpers or from any computer with a serial port. The pREX configuration manager gives you instant, graphical access to all of the setup commands.

CircuitWerkes pREX Features:
• Control any output or a group of outputs from a single input or from a group of inputs using logic modes like AND, OR, XOR, NOR, NAND, NXOR, Interlocked, etc
• Output modes include: Momentary,Toggled, Leading or Trailing edge, Pulse stretching up to 4.5 hours, Input debounce, Maximum ontime, Minimum ontime and more
• RS-232 input lets you program the pREX from any computer equipped with a serial port and a terminal program or with free graphical interface program
• Outputs appear on 50 pin SCSI connector for instant connectivity to standard telco punchblocks

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