Clear-Com Tempest 2400 2 Ch 2 Listen Beltstation
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Clear-Com Tempest 2400 2 Ch 2 Listen Beltstation

Tempest 2400 2 Ch./2 Listen Beltstation (CP-222)


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The Clear-Com CP-222 is a two-channel wireless BeltStation that works with the CM-222 Tempest BaseStation. Up to five CP-222 full-duplex BeltStations can operate on one BaseStation (in Normal Mode). By switching to Shared Mode, up to 200 BeltStations can be connected to one BaseStation.

With true dual talk/listen capability, each CP-222 BeltStation can simultaneously monitor and/or talk on both of the four hard-wired channels. Each BeltStation user may simultaneously talk/listen on A and B or toggle between A and B in “Single Listen” mode.

Each of the five CP-222 BeltStations establishes a unique audio path (point-to-point), with the associated CM-222 BaseStation delivering an individualized mix minus signal to each BeltStation in the system. This allows each BeltStation to monitor a unique mix of intercom channels and other audio sources.

Each CP-222 BeltStation can access the BaseStation's Stage Announce (SA) output with a relay closure or it can be assigned one of five additional relay closures available from the BaseStation's rear panel DB-15 connector. These remotely fired relays are ideal for use with public address systems (PA), city-wide IFB transmitters or virtually any application that can be triggered with a General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO).

Large installations often require users to move from one work zone to another throughout the day. The CP-222 BeltStations handle these transitions with iSelect on-command roaming technology. Accessing iSelect through the CP-222 BeltStation LCD user interface allows a user to easily change their association with another base station location in just a few seconds. The CP-222 BeltStations remember the last 64 BaseStations to which they have been paired.

Clear-Com CP-222 Features:
• 2-channel, full-duplex BeltStations
• 2.4 GHz, license free operation
• Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology
• Connect up to 200 BeltStations per BaseStation
• 2xTX redundant data transmission
• Dual talk/listen operation
• iSelect On-Command Roaming
• Compatible with Clear-Com, RTS, AudioCom
• Hard-wired Remote Mic Kill and Call
• Backlit LCD screen shows battery life, RF signal strength and more
• Stage Announce output with relay closure
• 5 individually assignable relay closures and base station
• 2000 mAh Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery (or 3 Alkaline AA batteries)
• Weather resistant enclosure
• >94 dB dynamic audio range

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