Galaxy Audio PA6S
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Galaxy Audio PA6S

Compact PA system: 2-way system


PA6SGalaxy Audio PA6S
The Galaxy Audio PA6S one-piece 170-watt PA system/powered monitor features a specially designed 6.5" woofer and highly efficient 1.5" tweeter. The 2-way speaker system gives the PA6S a wide frequency response, making it a great stand-alone PA system for small club gigs as well as lectures and A/V presentations.

XLR pass-through on both channels allows independent control of mics without affecting the signal sent to the house PA. A -20dB Pad switch on each XLR input ensures that even the hottest signals will be accepted without overdriving the inputs. An additional 1/8" Line input on Channel 2 will accept stereo or mono signals from sources such as tape or digital medial players as well as line level instruments.

The PA6S boasts a built in 170-watt Class D amplifier that allows the PA6S to function both as a stand-alone PA system and as a high-powered vocal monitor to cut through loud stage volumes. For larger gigs that require more coverage, you can simply patch from the Preamp Output to the main house PA, while using the PA6S as your onstage monitor.

The PA6S also features a built in 18dB Compressor/Limiter circuit with Compressor and Clip LEDs. The Compressor acts to smooth out transient peaks in the signals, thus improving overall sound quality and increasing apparent volume. The Limiter helps protect the woofer and tweeter from being damaged by amplifier distortion. The Clip LED indicates when a reduction in volume is recommended.

Galaxy Audio PA6S Features:
• 2-way speaker system
• 6.5" neodymium woofer
• 1.5" titanium dome tweeter
• 170-watt Class D amplifier
• Three inputs (two XLR/1/4" combos, one 1/8")
• 3-band EQ (High, Mid, Low)
• Built in compressor/limiter
• XLR pass thru on channels 1 and 2
• Mounts to any mic stand
• Integrated handle, mounting points for mic boom and bracket

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