Audio Science BOB1024
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Audio Science BOB1024

Breakout Box Analog 2 Stereo In, 4 Stereo Out OR AES/EBU 4 stereo in, 6 Stereo Out


The BOB1024 is a breakout box for AudioScience audio adapters. It can be operated as either an analog breakout (2 stereo in and 4 stereo out) or AES/EBU digital breakout (4 stereo in, 6 stereo out and sync in). Two BOB1024s can be ganged together to provide 4 stereo inputs and 8 stereo outputs in analog mode.

All I/O is balanced on XLR connectors. Connections to the audio adapter are via a 50pin high-density SCSI type connector for analog and a 26pin high-density connector for digital (AES/EBU).

AudioScience cards that are supported include the ASI5000 series, ASI6000 series and the ASI4300 series.

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