Juice Goose CX06-MI
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Juice Goose CX06-MI

IN-LINE coax protection with ground


The Juice Goose CX06-MI is a single Coax Surge Protective Device (SPD) featuring three-stage hybrid technology. It addresses overvoltage transients with a primary gas discharge tube (GDT) and a secondary silicon avalanche diode (SAD). Solid-state resettable fuses (PTCs) offer sneak/fault current protection.

The CX06-MI is designed in accordance with NFPA 780 (2004 edition) requirements, with up to 20kA of surge current capability. It sports an isolated ground and is recommended for use at the camera end.

Juice Goose CX06-MI Specifications:
• Operating Voltage: 5V
• Clamping Voltage: 6V
• Frequency Range: 0 to 20 MHz
• Operating Current: 0.15A
• SPD Topology: 2-Port Series
• SPD Technology: GDT, SAD with Series PTC
• Modes of Protection: Signal to ground
• Peak Surge Current: 20kA
• Insertion Loss: < 0.1 dB at 20 MHz
• VSWR: < 1.2
• Operating Humidity: 0 - 95% non-condensing
• Operating Temperature: -40 C to +85 C
• Input Connection Type: BNC, 50/75 Ohm
• Output Connection Type: BNC, 50/75 Ohm
• Mounting: Flange
• Enclosure Type: Metal
• Dimensions (Inches): 1.5H x 1.0W x 4.0L
• Weight: 3 oz.
• Certifications: UL497B, ISO9001:2000
• Warranty: 5-year

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