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TFT 5115-5200HP
STL Transmitter / Receiver Package

BSW PART: 5115-5200HP

The new TFT 5200 Series Analog STL features up-to-the-minute technology in a budget-friendly package. Its rugged construction, frequency agility, and high performance make it ideal for complex or simple analog STL applications.

Consisting of a transmitter and receiver pair, the TFT 5200 delivers a composite or mono signal with maximum flexibility and minimum of adjustment or configuration. The transmitter has a nominal output of 20 Watts (also available with 10 watts, see model number 5115-5290). Its receiver has improved sensitivity for optimum fade margin and reliability, and built-in automatic switchover. The RF entire system is frequency agile and set by software in the transmitter and receiver. Up/down pushbuttons let you select the desired frequency without need for further adjustment or optimization.

Direct FM modulation and true frequency agility make the 5200 suited to a variety of situations, including composite, mono, dual mono, hot stand-by, redundant and multi-channel. One transmitter/receiver pair can cover a full 20 MHz band segment and is ideal for back-up applications. Both transmitter and receiver are compatible with existing composite and mono systems. A front panel LCD and user-friendly navigation system give you easy control and setup. You can see and control all operating parameters from the front panel. No tuning is required. Main board jumpers select modes of operation.

Main Features:
• Frequency Agile From the Front Panel
• All Frequency Bands 1.7 GHz-140 MHz (in 20 MHz sub-bands)
• 20 Watts (nominal)
• Liquid Crystal Display
• Composite or Mono
• 6.25 kHz Step Size
• Selectable Pre-/De-Emphasis
• Direct FM Modulation
• Receiver Automatic Switchover Built-in
• FCC ID: BIO5290

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