No matter how high tech your mic is, it can always benefit from a good windscreen. Check out our wide selection right here.

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Sennheiser 25512
Windscreen for HMD25 and HMD280

Windscreen for Sennheiser HMD

In Stock

Sennheiser MZW421
Windscreen for MD421U

Windscreen for Sennheiser MD421.

In Stock

Sennheiser MZW1
Windscreen for MD46

Windscreen for the Sennheiser MD46 microphone

In Stock

Sennheiser MZW441
Windscreen -MD441U

Windscreen for the Sennheiser MD441U

Available in May

Sennheiser MZW60-1
Windscreen for ME66

Zeppelin windscreen for Sennheiser ME66. Optional pistol grip available (#MZS20-1 sold separately).

Usually Available in 1-2 Weeks.

Sennheiser MZW66
Windscreen For ME66 -Gray Foam

Windscreen for Sennheiser ME66 - gray foam

In Stock

Sennheiser MZH60-1
Windsock for ME66

Windsock for Sennheiser ME66

Usually Available in 1-2 Days

Sennheiser MZW66PRO
Windscreen For ME66, Black Velour

Foam windscreen for Sennheiser ME66

In Stock

Sennheiser MZW70-1
* Blimp Windscreen for ME67

Blimp windscreen for Sennheiser ME67 or MKH70. Requires MZS20-1 pistol grip/shockmount sold separately.

Usually Available in 1-2 Days

Sennheiser MZW8000

Windscreen for the Sennheiser MKH 8000 series.

Usually Available in 1-2 Days