No matter how high tech your mic is, it can always benefit from a good windscreen. Check out our wide selection right here.

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Sennheiser 25512
Windscreen for HMD25 and HMD280

Windscreen for Sennheiser HMD

In Stock

Sennheiser MZW421
Windscreen for MD421U

Windscreen for Sennheiser MD421.

Usually Available in 1-2 Days

Sennheiser MZW1
Windscreen for MD46

Windscreen for the Sennheiser MD46 microphone

In Stock

Sennheiser MZW441
Windscreen -MD441U

Windscreen for the Sennheiser MD441U

Available in May

Sennheiser MZW60-1
Windscreen for ME66

Zeppelin windscreen for Sennheiser ME66. Optional pistol grip available (#MZS20-1 sold separately).

Usually Available in 1-2 Weeks.

Sennheiser MZW66
Windscreen For ME66 -Gray Foam

Windscreen for Sennheiser ME66 - gray foam

In Stock

Sennheiser MZH60-1
Windsock for ME66

Windsock for Sennheiser ME66

Usually Available in 1-2 Days

Sennheiser MZW66PRO
Windscreen For ME66, Black Velour

Foam windscreen for Sennheiser ME66

In Stock

Sennheiser MZW70-1
* Blimp Windscreen for ME67

Blimp windscreen for Sennheiser ME67 or MKH70. Requires MZS20-1 pistol grip/shockmount sold separately.

Usually Available in 1-2 Days

Sennheiser MZW8000

Windscreen for the Sennheiser MKH 8000 series.

Usually Available in 1-2 Days