For critical monitoring in all manner of broadcast applications, BSW has the speaker you're looking for. We carry all the top brands at good prices. And if you're looking to buy a bunch, send us your list and we'll send you a rock-bottom price quote.

Powered Studio Monitors - Save space! You won't need an outboard amplifier with these powered speakers.
Unpowered Studio Monitors - If you've already got an amp, check out our great-sounding passive speakers.
Confirmation Monitors - Stay on top of your broadcasts with these highly accurate units.
Studio Monitor Accessories - Mounts, stands, isolation pads, carrying bags and more.

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Califone MB350
Wall Mounting Bracket For PA300PLUS

Wall Mounting Bracked desinged for the PA300PLUS portable PA speaker. Permanently affixed locking brass inserts with sunburst teeth for optimal position, rated to 66 lbs capacity. Four-finger shaped [...]

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