Wheatstone VOXPRO-V6S
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Wheatstone VOXPRO-V6S

VoxPro PC Software version 6 with USB Licence Key



VoxPro digital audio editing system is the de facto standard for live radio recording, editing and airing of clips in control and newsrooms worldwide. With it, clips can be recorded, edited and aired in moments. For the user, VoxPro6 offers advanced features including Auto-Import, Auto-Record, EZ-Export, Automatic Gain Control, networked file access, customizable folders, and our trademark VoiceSlip effect for handling host/caller talk-over.

Main Features:
• Gap-Buster effect (automatic silence removal).
• Simultaneous playback and record (record in background while playing and editing in foreground).
• Ability to copy/move/delete/rename files from the Search panel.
• Support for Unicode labels in Hotkeys and Markers.
• Color-coded Markers, new graphical method to precisely position location of markers.
• WheatNet-IP (WNIP) routing controls.
• WNIP playback tally with end warning flash.
• User option for exclusive Hotkey playback mode.
• User option to disable remote control inputs and outputs.
• Detachable Hotkeys window, ability to hide Editor and File List panels.

Minimum System Requirements for running VoxPro6:
• P3 Processor or higher (P6/Core/Core Duo/Core-2,etc recommended)
• 500MB RAM · Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
• Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
• DirectX 11
• USB port for Control Panel
• USB port for HASP dongle
Sound Card or Audio Device:
• 16-bit Audio
• 44.1Khz or 48 kHz sample rate
• WDM driver with full DirectSound support
• Optional: WheatNet-IP Driver to Network via Ethernet (in this case, no soundcard needed)

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