DM Engineering AUDIOPOD
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DM Engineering AUDIOPOD

Audio-Pod without Pre-Amp


The Audio-Pod Systems from DM Engineering are microphone On-Off controllers with stereo headphone amplifiers. They are the ideal solution for remote broadcasts, talk studio applications, or whenever you just need from one to four mic/headphone stations. Choose from various Audio-Pod models (with or without a microphone preamp, IFB options and mute versions). There are also mounting options (sold separately) and a *power supply.

This model: AUDIOPOD, has no incorporated microphone preamp. A 10-foot power supply cable and trimpot adjustment tool are included. The Audio-Pod system may be configured with up to four Audio-Pod modules and a *power supply. One *power supply will power up to four Audio-Pod modules, and any combination of Audio-Pod module types or options may be combined using the same *power supply.

*Power supply sold separately.

The microprocessor controlled Mic ON-OFF control portion includes the following features:
• Large LED differentially lighted Mic-On and Mic-Off long life push buttons
• Cough-mute function integrated with Mic-On button
• Local Mic On-Off feature may be disabled and controlled remotely
• Remote control of Mic On-Off function with a logic low or contact closure may be accomplished with either local control enabled or disabled
• LED Mic On status indication on the top of the enclosure for status check by control room operator or others (front panel button version only)
• XLR connectors for Mic in and out (balanced) as well as Eurostyle screw terminal block termination of Mic out connection
• Solid State Relay output drive voltage provided, to drive a DME Solid State Relay Pack or customers own solid state relay for ON-AIR lamps or for external LED indicator.

The integrated stereo headphone amplifier section includes the following features:
• Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) circuitry employed (no “dirty” pots)
• Rear panel output phase switch (0/180 degrees) to address bone conduction cancellation issues often experienced by some users
• ESD protected 1/4" and 3.5 mm stereo headphone output jacks on the front panel
• Rear panel "maximum headphone gain set" control to restrict the maximum headset output to prevent possible hearing damage and liability issue avoidance
• Single ended L&R headphone inputs on Eurostyle screw terminal block and rear panel 3.5 mm stereo jack for quick connect and disconnect
• Precision metal film resistors used throughout the audio chain for low noise

Table-top brackets for mounting the Audio-Pod module at an angle, and flush mounting bezels for recessed mounting of the Audio-Pod into the desktop are also available. See accessories at right.

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