Broadcast Bionics PHONEBOXVX
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Broadcast Bionics PHONEBOXVX

Phone System for Telos VX


Broadcast Bionics PhoneBOX VX talkshow software seamlessly integrates with the Telos VX engine and handsets to quickly and efficiently answer, screen and route calls while boasting an intuitive user interface that keeps you informed at a glance and in control with a single touch.

PhoneBOX VX constantly captures useful and important data so you can manage even the most complex contests and talkshows effortlessly. But more than just a phone management tool, it also lets you integrate callers, emails, SMS, codecs and contest management.

PhoneBOX VX records every call and provides a split track editor for rapid production of recorded segments. It even acts as a VoIP phone so you can screen calls directly from your PC.

Telos VX components and monitor sold separately.

Broadcast Bionics PhoneBOX VX Features:
• Seamless integration with Telos VX engine and handsets
• Real time call status and control
• Identify callers and location by caller ID
• Select studio and show
• Keyboard, mouse or touch screen control
• Queue and sequence calls
• Drop calls in and out of conference
• Total control even in docked mode
• Lock calls (Auto lock with fader open)
• Presenter, producer and screener views
• Customizable screen layout
• Converged display of calls, Email and SMS
• Previous call and prize info for ringing calls
• Multi-studio text chat
• Categorize and filter calls by topic
• Multiple definable call dispositions
• Call counters
• Call/Status and On-Air timers
• Clock with countdown counter
• Persistent caller/winner notification
• Capture detailed winner info
• Web/email based Prize fulfillment
• Split track call recording
• Built in waveform call editor
• Use VoIP to take calls on your PC
• Export edited audio to file/playout system
• Livewire GPIO for lamps and remote control
• TV caption generator control
• XML Data feed for web metadata
• Element/iQ labels faders with caller name
• Call barring and alerts
• Automatic call log and database
• Personal and station-wide phonebooks
• Unicode multi-language support

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