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Telos 1X6 (ONE-x-Six)
Talkshow System w/o Switch Console (2001-00022)


Telos 1X6 (ONE-x-Six)
Telos 1X6 (ONE-x-Six)Telos 1X6 (ONE-x-Six)
The Telos ONE-x-Six has all of the telephone interface equipment needed for talk show programming. A single rack mount unit houses both a Telos ONE digital hybrid and a six-line, broadcast phone system which includes all of the most popular features you expect in an on-air system. For system control, the ONE-x-Six uses a desktop Switch Console (sold separately).

The ONE-x-Six is very easy to install - all six phone lines are connected using standard RJ-11C plugs and all audio connections are XLR. Special function buttons on the Switch Console are used to automatically select the next caller, to put callers on the air or to conference, to control external recorders and delays, and to access several other unique features. A standard telephone set may be used for call screening.

Hybrid Section Features:

With the ONE-x-Six, successful talk shows sound great, are easy to produce, and won’t cost a fortune. At the heart of the system is the Telos ONE digital hybrid telephone interface, which has earned its reputation for superior performance in thousands of installations worldwide. All processing is performed in the digital domain, including:

• An advanced digital auto-nulling hybrid with excellent send audio rejection. The built-in hybrid automatically adapts to each new call. Very pure caller audio appears at the output.
• An input gain processor with a smart, floating freeze-gain gate.
• A sophisticated output gain processor that provides level control and smart downward expansion. This section is cross-coupled to the input section so that telephone line noise and residual hybrid leakage are carefully and cleanly attenuated without low-level callers being gated off.
• A selectable override function to reduce the caller level about 8dB when input audio is present. This allows the talent’s voice to have more presence when speaking at the same time as the caller.
• A pitch-shifter and an acoustic ducking function in the input audio path work together to allow significant gain-before-feedback when used with open monitor speakers. This feature is not found in the hybrids of any other manufacturer.
• High- and low-pass filtering to clean up phone line noise and hum.

Hybrid Section Setup:
Installation and set-up of the hybrid section of the ONE-x-Six is simple and easy.

• The input is switchable for either microphone or line level.
• Two outputs are provided, one of which may be used as a second independent output or be switched to a mix of the input and caller signals. This is very handy for tape feeds.
• Input and output gain levels are set from front panel, multi-turn screwdriver-adjustable pots.
• Monitoring of input and output levels, as well as their respective gain processing, is provided by an LED meter.
Phone System Section:
The ONE-x-Six provides clean, quiet, and reliable switching of multiple telephone lines. Phone lines may be directly connected without intervening phone equipment. The provided desktop Switch Console is used for line selection and conferencing, and call screening is accomplished with a standard, user-provided single-line telephone set.

• Designed to provide the audio performance demanded by broadcast and other professional audio applications.
• Controls up to six telephone lines.
• Features include tone/pulse dialing, automatic next-caller indication, and control of external devices, such as audio recorders.
• Program-on-hold function incorporates automatic gain control (AGC) and has an XLR balanced input. Callers on hold hear audio you select while waiting to be placed on-air.
• Serial communications (RS-232) port allows integration with computerized screening and control systems, such as Telos’ Call Screen Manager. The ONE-x-Six manual fully describes the data protocol for those who want to write their own software.
• Auto-answer feature connects incoming lines and places them on hold without operator intervention.
• Loop-through allows integration with other phone systems and PBXs.
• All Telos products include a 5 year warranty

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