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Gamma 3000W (300-3150 watts) Power Amplifier and FM150ES 6U - Flange Connector


The Gamma Series achieves 80% efficiency with LDMOS based amplifiers. This results in a low cost of ownership. There is also additional cost savings resulting from the lower heat generation of these amplifiers. Less power is lost to generated heat and thus less power is required by HVAC systems to cool the transmitter building. The electric power savings in this new PTEK design is significant.

Also featuring an extremely compact footprint without sacrificing maintainability. 1000 watt power amplifier modules keep the GAMMA reliable and coupled with the hot pluggable power supplies ensure you stay on air—making maintenance a breeze.

The power supplies are independently operated, load sharing and removable from the front of the unit while it is operating. The Gamma series is specifically designed to answer customer demand for a small, highly dependable transmitter that is economical to purchase, quick to get on air, and easy to maintain.

Main Features:
• Built-In Exciter
• Built-In Stereo Generator
• Built-In FSK ID
• Remote Control Interface
• Wide range input 208 to 264 VAC
• Frequency agile from 87.7 to 108 MHz
• True proportional (VSWR) fold back
• Front panel metering
• Rack Mountable
• Compact Chassis
• Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.
• DIN Connector versions available

• RF Power Output: 300 W – 3150 W
• Frequency Range: 87.7 – 107.9MHz
• Audio Input Impedance: 600 Ohms
• Audio Input Level (composite): 1.25 volts RMS (3.50 volts peak-to-peak) for +/- 75 kHz deviation
• Audio Input R & L Stereo Generator: -10dBm
• Frequency Response (composite): 20 Hz—15 (90) KHz
• Pre-emphasis: 75 (50 μS to order)
• Harmonic Distortion: less than 0.1%
• Signal to Noise Ratio: >70 dB RMS
• RF Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
• Output Connector: 7/8″ EIA Flange
• Harmonic Attenuation: Meets or exceeds FCC requirements
• Power Requirements: 20A – 208 to 264 VAC
• Dimensions : 19” x 24” by 4RU

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