PTEK G3000

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Gamma 3000W (300-3150 watts) Power Amplifier and FM150ES 6U

The PTEK Gamma 3000 is a 3,000-watt transmitter that features an extremely compact footprint without sacrificing maintainability. Three 1,250-watt hot pluggable power amplifier modules coupled with hot pluggable power supplies ensure you stay on air. The power amplifiers and power supplies are independently operated and removable from the front of the unit. They are load sharing so whether you remove a power amplifier and/or a power supply, the unit is still operational at reduced power. The minimal 25 watts of drive required can be provided by the included PTEK FM25ES exciter.

PTEK Gamma 3000 Features:
• Three 1,250-watt hot pluggable power amplifier modules
• Hot Pluggable Power Supplies
• High gain - only requires 25 watts of drive power
• 25-watt exciter included
• Front panel metering and diagnostics via LCD display
• High power fans for maximum cooling

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