Presonus AudioBox USB
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Presonus AudioBox USB

2x2 USB Recording System


Presonus AudioBox USBIn Stock
Presonus AudioBox USBPresonus AudioBox USBPresonus AudioBox USB

Create outside the box.

This USB bus-powered interface boasts 2 mic/instrument preamps with Neutrik connectors and 48V phantom power, 2 balanced TRS outputs, MIDI in/out, and a playback mixer knob on the front panel that lets you adjust the volume level between your recording and existing tracks.

Its preamps deliver high headroom, low noise and high gain for pure, full and rich sound. Its professional-grade analog to digital converters boast a dynamic range of 102dB and 24-bit sample rate for digital conversion that is big, quiet and musical.

It ships complete with Cubase LE 4 music production software featuring 48-audio tracks, 64 MIDI tracks, EQ on each track, VST plug-in support, Virtual instrument support, Time stretching and pitch shifting, HALionOne Sample Player (w/ 60 Instruments, 400 MB sound library) and more.

Presonus AudioBox USB Features:
• 24-bit / 44.1, 48k USB audio recording interface
• 2 class A XMAX microphone / instrument preamplifiers
• Neutrik Combo Connector on each channel
• 48V phantom power
• 2 balanced 1/4" TRS outputs
• MIDI input/output
• Powered via USB
• Comes with Presonus Studio One Artist music production software
• 6-foot USB cable included

Studio Magic Plug-in Suite

The Studio Magic Plug-in Suite, included with all current PreSonus mixers and interfaces, brings extended sonic functionality into your DAW. Cherry-picked from the finest names in virtual instruments and effects, each one brings a different flavor of practical magic to your songs. These plug-ins aren't gimmicky one-trick ponies—these are real-deal workhorses that you'll find yourself relying on for countless mixes. To get the Studio Magic Plug-in Suite, all you have to do is register your qualifying mixer or interface at where you'll be provided with download links for the plug-ins.

Package Includes:
SPL Attacker is a micro-plug-in that employs the same Differential Envelope processing technique as SPL’s famed Transient Designer. Using SPL Attacker, all attack events can be amplified, regardless of their signal level. Try it on drums!
Mäag Audio EQ2 delivers the sound of the Mäag Audio EQ2 two-band hardware equalizer, known for its particular attention to ultra-high “air” frequencies.
Lexicon’s MPX-i Reverb delivers seven classic Lexicon plate, hall, chamber, and room reverbs in a streamlined interface.
The Eventide H910: a faithful re-creation of the classic H910 Harmonizer, offering unique combinations of pitch shifting, modulation, and delay. Also from Eventide is the 2016 Stereo Room, which delivers a natural, yet distinctive-sounding reverb that can be lush or subtle.
The Brainworx bx_opto compressor combines the best aspects and anomalies from several legendary, light-dependent compressor circuits.
• Completing the Studio Magic bundle is Arturia’s Analog Lab Lite, a “Greatest Hits” collection of physically modeled—not sampled—classic analog synths, organs, string machines, and more.

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