Air Tools Voice Processor 2X
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Air Tools Voice Processor 2X

Dual-Channel Voice Processor


Air Tools Voice Processor 2XIn Stock
Air Tools Voice Processor 2XAir Tools Voice Processor 2XAir Tools Voice Processor 2X
The AirTools Voice Processor 2x is a flexible, powerful and easy to use dual-channel programmable digital microphone processor that offers a complete set of voice enhancement tools for any situation. The included Windows software application gives you complete control of critical parameters including EQ, Compression, and much more. Once a desired sound is dialed in, all settings can be saved as named presets for later recall, so a given studio mic can be optimized for a diverse air staff of male and female voices. The latest software release lets the user copy individual presets from one unit and move them to other units without overwriting other device file settings such as dynamic processing or EQ (ideal for when voice talent moves among various studios).

AirTools Voice Processor 2x Features:
• Two independently programmable channels of ultra-low latency digital microphone processing in one rack space
• Two (2) Mic/Line inputs, two (2) Mic/Line outputs, two (2) AES outputs, Word Clock input
• Processing modules include Compression, Equalization, De-Essing, Downward Expansion, High pass and Low pass filters, and Voice Symmetry
• Configure named presets for each on-air personality - up to 50, including factory presets - using the included Windows software over Ethernet
• Recall presets with convenient front panel controls, optional hardware remote(s), or third-party control protocol
• 60db Mic Preamp Headroom
• Universal Power Supply

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