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Audemat Control Modular

CONTROL Modular (without I/O boards)


Audemat Control Modular
The AUDEMAT CONTROL MODULAR (formerly known as IP2Choice) is a system for site management and monitoring. It can be configured to connect with any equipment at a site through traditional status and metering inputs and commands (relays). The AUDEMAT CONTROL MODULAR is also capable of advanced connections to other equipment using serial protocols or SNMP via an IP network. All units linked to the AUDEMAT CONTROL MODULAR can then be monitored and controlled locally and remotely via a variety of communications modes both network (ADSL, LAN, GSM. The AUDEMAT CONTROL MODULAR can also trigger automatic actions providing a complete management solution.

ScriptEasy is a powerful graphical software application that makes it easy and intuitive to configure and control the most complex and challenging of installations. The flowthrough design and simple user interface, combined with powerful tools like the Scheduler and Advanced Programming Interface, mean that facility control devices operating with ScriptEasy have the power to control and communicate with a large number of remote control units, while remaining accessible and simple to put in place and use

With MasterView you can display data and control equipment in multiple custom views. Each view can contain as much information from the remote site as desired. MasterView is now available as a web application. Views are created using a standard web browser and viewed from any PC or mobile device.

Driver is a powerful new tool that makes it possible to link a AUDEMAT CONTROL MODULAR with external equipment using one of the available serial ports to enable complete remote access to the equipment via IP. ScriptEasy Driver is available as an option for Ecreso FM transmitters, the Harris Z Platinum series FM transmitters, and the Nautel VS and NV series transmitters, providing access to hundreds of parameters and readings. ScriptEasy Driver is also available for the Wegener u4600 satellite receiver, and more. Other brands and models are available on request.

Using the unique Broadcast MANAGER software from Audemat, AUDEMAT CONTROL MODULAR can be integrated into a complete Radio (AM, FM,HD) and/ or TV (analog, ATSC and DVB) monitoring solution for centralized management of data, configurations, communications and alarms.

Through a network connection using the SNMP protocol, an AUDEMAT CONTROL MODULAR can monitor and control equipment in another room, building or even in a different country.

Tunneling enables remote access through the AUDEMAT CONTROL MODULAR to equipment that can only use local serial connections. It works by passing data from a specific IP port to a serial (RS-232) connection and sending the returning data from the RS-232 back to the originating IP address and port.

Main Features:
• Control and monitoring of all equipment at a remote site
• Automatic actions based on script
• Connect to the external unit through digital/analog/audio inputs, relays, serial ports or through IP (SNMP, PING)
• Remote communication through LAN/WAN, 3G, GSM, CDMA, PSTN...
• Number and type of GPIOs configurable to meet the demands of the siteFacility control webinar
• Notifications via Email, SNMP and Voice/DTMF Phone Alert calls
• ScriptEasy software for configuration and remote administration
• MasterView application for end-user views of data and control
• Solution for all budgets thanks to modular configuration
• Compatible with all communication types
• Operates with standard protocols
• Easy management of communication with serial equipment using SCRIPTEASY Driver or tunneling
• Communicate and control external equipment using SNMP protocol
• Fully compatible with Audemat’s Broadcast Manager (database, statistics, filters, notification forwarding …)

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