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Acoustics First CW2K2X4CHBOX

**Cutting Wedge 2000. 2 ' x 4 ' Charcoal, Box of 8


Acoustics First CW2K2X4CHBOX
Cutting Wedge 2000 is made of 2 pound density high quality acoustic foam that eliminates many of the inconsistencies of other types of foam. The futuristic design delivers iincreased sound absorption because the sound waves travel through multiple surfaces. It comes in a standard 2.25" stackable foam, allowing you to add additional layers of foam for increased absorption. You can also add additional layers of Cutting Wedge 2000 foam to rooms that may already have the Cutting Wedge Classic predecessor. Both 12"x12" (64 tiles/box) and 2'x4' (8 tiles per box) ship via UPS. Choose charcoal, brown, beige or blue.

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