Auralex Acoustics ISO-TONE
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Auralex Acoustics ISO-TONE

1 - ISO-Tone - Turntable Isolation Platform


Auralex Acoustics ISO-TONE
Auralex Acoustics ISO-TONEAuralex Acoustics ISO-TONE
The Auralex ISO-Tone Turntable Isolation Platform is specifically engineered to decouple turntables from the supporting surfaces they rest on. The ISO-Tone diminishes structural vibrations and commonly associated acoustic feedback associated with desktops and DJ cases. Designed for turntablists, mobile DJs, audiophiles, rental houses and anyone seeking enhanced turntable performance, purity and accuracy, the ISO-Tone features a 0.75″ layer of black fabric-wrapped MDF that floats on a layer of Auralex’s proprietary Platfoam that protects turntables from unwanted vibrations. The 17.75″ W x 14.25″ D x 1.75″ H isolation platform accommodates most turntables and the low-profile design enables easy transport.

Main Features:
• Creates A Cleaner, More Accurate Sound
• Decouples Turntable From Its Supporting Structure
• Reduces Acoustic Feedback

List Price: $89.99
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