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Auralex Acoustics Tubetak Pro

Tubetak Pro Liquid Adhesive


Auralex Acoustics Tubetak Pro Figure 1Tubetak Pro Liquid Foam Adhesive is a super-strong,urethane-based adhesive that comes in a tube and applies easily with a standard caulking gun. Tubetak Pro is suitable for air shipping. Tubetak Pro provides a permanent bond and one tube mounts up to 32 square feet of foam or diffusors, depending on thickness.

Other brands of liquid adhesive have been known to oxidize ("eat") foam, but Auralex guarantees that Tubetak Pro will not oxidize Auralex foam products.

Covers up to 32 sq. ft. per 10.58 oz. tube.

Note: Although image shows six tubes, Tubetak Pro is sold one tube at a time.

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