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Primacoustic RX5-DF

Recoil - Tri-Layer Nearfield Monitor Platform - 5 Degree Downfire



Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizers are a nearfield reference monitor platform designed to decouple the loudspeaker from the supporting shelf while adding mass to stabilize the speaker from the backward recoil caused by the low frequency driver motion. The Recoil Stabilizer is made from three components: a high-density urethane foam base that acts as an isolator to eliminate resonant frequencies from traveling from the speaker to the shelf, a heavy laser-cut steel base that acts as both the platform for the speaker and as the stabilizing counter-force and thin nonslip neoprene is used to hold the speaker securely in place. The Recoil Stabilizer works by simply placing it beneath the speaker. A range of sizes are available and these may be ordered in horizontal, down-fire or up-fire angles to aim the loudspeakers as needed.

• 1/4” steel, black powder coated with 1/8” Neoprene pad
• High density polyurethane foam
• 1
* RX5-DF refers to the Down-Fire option.
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