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Primacoustic VOXGUARD-VU

Extra Large 18in x15in Acoustic Shield



The VoxGuard VU™ and the VoxGuard DT™ are portable acoustic screens designed to reduce the ambient noise around a microphone when recording. This allows the voice to be captured while eliminating echo and reverb, allowing the engineer to reintroduce the desired effects during post production. The VoxGuard VU attaches to a mic stand with the supplied threaded mic stand adaptor. It is unique in that it is lighter and larger than competitive products and equipped with a plexiglass viewing window. This makes it more stable on the mic stand and opens the door to a wide array of applications such as shielding instruments from each other in the studio. The VoxGuard VU includes a microphone extension bar for additional placement options. The VoxGuard DT is the free standing model designed to surround microphones on desks and tables. Simply rest it behind your microphone as a table-top gobo to reduce ambience and echo. An open slot on both models allows the cable to pass through the back while allowing the microphone to be articulated for optimum positioning.

Main Features:
• High-density acoustic foam liner
• High-impact ABS outer shell
• Innovative rear access cable port

• Controls ambient space around the mic
• Creates an intimate sound field
• Delivers cleaner, more articulated voice tracks
• Allows you to add vocal effects as needed

The Cool Stuff!:
• Stand mounted version for most vocal mics
• Table-Top version for podcasting, interviews, etc.
• Larger surface area than competitive products

• SP-9010 ABS plastic shell, 3/16” (4.5mm) thick Black with textured finish
• 1” High-density open cell acoustic foam, 2.2 lb/per cu-ft, charcoal colour
• Voxguard VU - 18” (457mm) wide x 15” (381mm) tall x 7.5” (190mm) deep
• Voxguard DT - 14” (355mm) wide x 12” (305mm) x 7.5” (190mm) deep
• Threaded mic stand adapter, knurled ring, extension bar

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