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2 CH to 1 CH Summing Amplifier with XLR and RCA I/O


The SUM100 Summing Amplifier is an inexpensive, high performance amplifier that is designed as a line level stereo to mono summing amplifier. It is also useful as a gain block, and as an impedance converter and summing for IHF (RCA type) signals. The inputs provide balanced 40Kohm bridging impedance for line levels up to +24dBm. The high input impedance allows the SUM100 inputs to also bridge -10dBu (hi-fi, RCA plug) lines without loading. Front panel, screwdriver adjust, full range gain controls provide 28dB gain at full clockwise rotation, unity gain at twelve o’clock and a smooth audio taper to full off. The output driver is a servo controlled, ground-sensing circuit, which will supply over +24dBm to 600 ohm balanced loads and +20dBu to high impedance, unbalanced loads. The SUM100 uses rugged XLR type input and output connectors.

Main Features:
• Font panel, screwdriver gain controls
• Loop-through DC connectors allow operation of multiple units from one power supply
• Rugged XLR type input and output connectors
• Up to three NANOAMPS will mount side-by-side in one 19-inch rack unit
• Supplied as table-top mounting; other mounting options available

• GAIN: +28dB Maximum
• NOMINAL LEVELS: +4dBu in, +24dBm Out to 600 ohm balanced load
• PEAK LEVELS: +22dBu in, +24dBm out to 600 ohm balanced load
• NOISE 20kHz B.W.: -90dBm maximum output
• HARMONIC DISTORTION: .02% Max. at Peak Level
• 20Hz to 20 kHz: .005% Max. at Nominal Level
• FREQUENCY RESPONSE: +/- .25dB, 20 to 20,000 Hz
• CROSSTALK: 70dB Minimum at 10kHz
• INPUT IMPEDANCE: Balanced, 40k Ohm bridging
• OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: Balanced, 40 Ohms Maximum
• DIMENSIONS: 1.5"H by 5.5"W by 5.75"D; 1.5 lbs.
• CONNECTORS: XLR (Balanced input/outputs)
• POWER: 24VDC @ .07A, connector sleeve is positive
• All units require an external 24VDC power supply (WA100-1 supplied as standard). NanoAmps can share a single supply using loop thru DC cable P/N 20602-1. Do not exceed rated supply current.
• WA100-1 Wall mount power supply (UL) 24 VDC @ .4 Amp, 115 VAC/60 Hz.
• WA100-2 Table top power supply, 24 VDC @ .4 amp, 230VAC/50-60 Hz with IEC 320 Male 3 pin AC input connector. User supplies matching AC line cord
• 20602-1for use with local power system.
• DC power cable assembly for looping the DC power between NanoAmp units.
• WARRANTY: Limited, One Year Warranty

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