ESE LX5112
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ESE LX5112

Self-Setting 12" Analog Clock


The smartest analog clock in the world - able to self-set its hands to the correct time as received via any one of three different time code inputs (SMPTE/EBU, ASCII or ESE). Daylight Savings Time correction is automatic. Alternate modes of operation allow the unit to synchronize with an alternating 12 or 24 volt impulse signal, or to act as a stand-alone clock. Sweep or step mode and time zone offset are user-set via rear panel DIP switches. Dial face is 12 in diameter. Options include rack mount versions, lighted dial with brightness control and UL operation. 
Main Features:
•Silent Operation
•Simple Setup; Self-Setting with Time Code Input
•Reads ESE, ASCII, SMPTE or EBU Time Code (IRIG-B optional)
•Stand-Alone, Impulse & Reader Modes
•Sweep or Step Second Hand
•5", 12" or 16" Dial •Viewing Distance 20', 60' or 80'
•Battery Back-up
•Time Zone Offset
•Time Code Loss Indicator
•Variable Brightness Lighted-Dial Option
•Rackmount, 220-240 VAC (110-120 VAC is standard) & UL Options available
•Additional display sizes & enclosures available as well as other various options, please contact us for further

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