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Potomac 1750TLM

Tower Light Monitor


Potomac Instrument's 1750-TLM can help you meet requirements for tower light monitoring safely and effectively.

Designed with the broadcaster in mind, the 1750-TLM provides built in flexibility to simplify even the most complicated installations. It can even alarm for single bulb failures on towers with Beacons and Obstruction lights on a single circuit. Status outputs eliminate the worry of operator interpretation and provide definitive Good-Bad indications for the operator and your logging equipment. Don't let tower light failures expose you to increased liability. The 1750-TLM is compatible with most existing control equipment and may well provide your best return on investment this year!

Configuration: Four comparators each with an adjustable dc reference voltage and an output open-drain MOSFET which can be turned on or off when the input voltage goes below or above the reference. Each input incorporates a detector for an AC input from tower lighting current sampling transformers

Potomac 1750TLM Features:
•Designed for Broadcast Tower Applications
•FAA/FCC Compliance Assist
•Four Separate Inputs
•Power Line Tracking
•Photocell Inhibit
•"AND"/"OR" Logic Election
•Detects Single Lamp Failures
•"Daisy Chain" Capability for Multi-Tower Applications
•Monitors Beacons and/or Obstruction Lights
•Binary Logic Status Outputs for Remote Control Interface

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