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Willburt HURRYUP

* Telescoping Mast, 25'


Here's a simple, inexpensive, and effective portable antenna mast for your remotes. The Hurry-Up mast is designed for fast deployment of lightweight antennas. It consists of 6 graduated aluminum tubes which nest one inside another. The mast is extended by pushing up the sections and fixing them into position using quick lock/release collars. It can be fully extended to 25 ft. in one minute. Hurry-Up's universal vehicle mounting stand allows you to take it on remotes using whatever vehicle is available. Weighs only 90 lbs. with a nested height of 6 ft.

• Free-standing unit so guylines are not needed
• Rigid azimuth locking for quick direction adjustment
• Low friction synthetic bearings for smooth operation and long life
• Anodized finish for corrosion resistance
• Quick lock/release collars to extend mast manually by pushing up sections and fixing them in position 
*Stand / Plate not included. 

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