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ATI MLA400-1

4 CH Line Amplifier Transformer Balanced Outputs


Multiple Amplifier Arrays provides you with four identical Line Amplifier channels. These channels may be used as individual independent and isolated amplifiers or they may be combined at internal summing points brought out to the rear connector to form mixers, summing amplifiers, distribution amplifiers etc.

 MMA400/MMA800; 64, 74 OR 84dB.
 MLA400/MLA800; 22, 32 or 42dB. Each channels gain is dependent on output gain jumper plug position.
• MAXIMUM INPUT: MMA400/MMA800; RF bypassed, balanced 40dB gain Instrumentation Amplifier,Zin=20Kohm. Maximum input is -20dBu. Gain can be reduced to 0dB to accept line level sources up to +22dBu by removing a jumper. MLA400/MLA800; RF bypassed, balanced, -2dB Differential Amplifier, Zin=30Kohm, +22dBu maximum input.
 +24dBm into 600 ohm loads. 15Vrms into high impedance loads.
 MMA/MLA-1; Transformer Balanced, 60 ohm source Z. MLA/MMA-2; Active balanced, 300 ohm source Z, protected and RF bypassed.
 MMA400/MMA800; E.I.N.= -120dBm maximum with 150 ohm source resistance.
 MLA400/MLA800; E.I.N.= -92dBm with 600 ohm source resistance. Both measured with 20kHz equivalent square bandwidth. All hum components are at least 10dB below white noise.
• FREQUENCY RESPONSE: +/- .25dB, 20 to 20,000Hz. -3dB at 3Hz and 40kHz typical. Square wave rise time 6uSec.
• DISTORTION: .25% maximum THD, 30 TO 20,000 Hz at +22dBm out.
• HUM REJECTION: 60dB at 60Hz.
• CROSSTALK : -70dB maximum at 10kHz.
• TERMINALS: Rear barrier blocks for all input, output and summing jumpers. Fanning strips with solder terminals provided for easy prewiring and quick change servicing.
• POWER: 115/230 VAC +/- 10%, 47 -63Hz., 20VA.
• DIMENSIONS: 19" W x 1 3/4" H x 7 1/2" D, 10 lbs.
• OPTIONAL FEATURES: PHANTOM POWER +15V Phantom Power available on the MMA400/800. SE8 Shaft Extenders (8) for fingertip adjustment (user installed).
• WARRANTY: Limited, One Year Warranty

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