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Medium Power Circularly Polarized FM Antenna - 3 Bay - Half Wave


ERI has long been the industry leader in Radio Broadcast Systems. Electronics Research offers a complete line of products and services to fulfill your Radio Braodcast Systems needs. From Radio Filters and Combiners to AM and FM Antenna Systems, Electronics Research, Inc. can meet your requirements with a solution that is engineered for success. BSW is a full-line ERI dealer. Just call and talk to your knowledgeable sales representative today.

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LPX-3E-HW is a: Rototiller X Series circularly polarized FM radio antenna.

Main Features:
• Low VSWR, superior VSWR band width, and minimal weather related VSWR problems
• Fully pressurized, internal feed and welded feed connections
• High input power capacity
• Modular construction facilitates easy installation and repair
• Rugged brass construction and stainless steel support brackets and hardware – Corrosion resistantconstruction
• Radomes or deicing heaters not normally required for radial ice less than 1/2-inch; however radomes or deicing heaters are available

ERI LPX-3E-HW Figure 1

 ERI LPX-3E-HW Figure 2


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