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Kathrein-Scala CA7-460

*Yagi Antenna 450-470 Frequency Range


The Scala CA7-460 seven-element yagi is designed for the very highest reliability even under severe environmental conditions. Its broadband design makes it particularly suitable for systems requiring frequency agility within a specified band. This model covers the 450-470 MHz bands. Impedance is 50 ohms, gain is 10 dB (over dipole) and input power rating is 250 watts.

Main Features:
• Internal balun and dipole feedpoint sealed within the boom assembly.
• Balanced feed system with no capacitors for superior performance in icing conditions.
• All aluminum components anodized for corrosion resistance.
• Heavy wall anodized aluminum pipe and tubing.
• Heavy duty aluminum castings and stainless steel hardware.
• Entire antenna at DC ground potential.
• Dual and quad arrays available.

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