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Nicom BKG1P-F

Medium Power Portable Broadband FM Dipole EIA Flange Connector


This broadband dipole antenna is constructed of stainless steel and is designed to last a long time in any weather condition. Because of its sturdy construction, it can support up to 2.5 KW of input power with the appropriate connector. Since it has a wide angle of radiation, it is strongly recommended for omni-directional arrays. Due to the fact that it is easily disassembled and reassembled, it can be placed in a compact container making it very portable and inexpensive to ship.

• Antenna Type: dipole
• Front-to-Back Ratio: 7 dB
• Frequency Range: 87.5 - 108 MHz
• Polarization: vertical
• Gain: 0 dBd (unity gain)
• Bandwidth: 20 MHz Max
• VSWR: < 1.3
• H Plane: 194 degrees
• V Plane: 78 degrees
• Impedance: 50 Ohms
• Connectors: N type (1 kw) - 7/8 type (2 kw)
• Power Rating: 2000 Watts max.
• Wind Load: 39.6 Lbs (18 kg)
• Wind Velocity: 119 mph (190 km/h) 
Wind Surface: 1.2 ft2 (0.11 m2)
• Lightning Protection: all parts grounded
• Material: (external) stainless steel
• Mounting: from 2" to 4"
• Weight: 18 Lbs (8.1kg)
• Average Dimensions: 50”×30”×2”
• Packing: 46”×22”×4”

**This antenna is equipped with a EIA flange connector

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