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3-Bays, 3 1/2in Cables, 1 3-Way Power Divider, 1 Power Divider Bracket, 7/8in- 50D EIA Flange


Main Features:
• BUILT WITH LOW POWER BROADCASTERS IN MIND. Rated at 500 watts per bay with a maximum of 3 kW for six bays. Power divider required for three or more bays.
• CENTER OF TUNING. Ranges under 1.1:1 VSWR.
• RUGGED CONSTRUCTION. Each bay is constructed of high grade stainless steel which provides excellent corrosion resistance and optimal mechanical properties.
• OMNI DIRECTIONAL OR DIRECTIONAL PATTERNS. Many standard patterns available. SWR, Inc. can also provide patterns for specific coverage areas and FCC filing documentation.
• WEATHERIZATION (OPTIONAL). Radomes or electrical deicers available for areas that experience periods of heavy icing and/or snow conditions.
• STANDARD MOUNTING BRACKETS. Fits up to 4” tower leg or pipe. Supplied with antenna.
• WARRANTY. 2-year limited warranty on defects and workmanship to the original purchaser.

• Frequency Range: 88 – 108 MHz
• Polarization: Circular
• Power Rating: 500 Watts per bay
• System Input: Type N Male or 7/8” EIA
• VSWR: 1.3:1 ± 150 kHz
• Dimensions: H 29” / W 16” / D 21”

Full Wave Spaced Models Electrical and Mechanical Specifications

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