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Dorrough 40C2

*Loudness Meter (40-C)


Dorrough Loudness Meter model 40-C2 displays both the peak and average of the audio signal. The unique metering ballistics accurately present loudness variations on an easy-to-read scale. Dual inputs allow sum and difference metering. Peak Hold functions are standard along with a DB9 connector to access various over and under parameters.

The 40C2's "C" scale allows 20 dB of headroom in 1 dB steps. The headroom scale is identical to the AES/EBU Digital Standard. Note: photo is model 40A2 with different scale.

Other models available: model #40A2 scale showing 14 dB in 1dB steps from +14 to -25.

Optional 40D rackmount kit available for mounting two units across.

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