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DM Engineering MOD-8

Studio Multi Input Module 8 line with Flasher Indicator (PF-M8)


Specifically designed to meet the needs of the broadcaster, the Studio Hotline Multi-8 Line Phone Flasher efficiently incorporates features that were once only available in several different devices to notify studio personnel of ringing phones, people at the door ringing the bell, or an alert condition. This Multi-Line Phone Flasher System features ultra-bright, wide angle and distinctive color LED indication for both phone ringing and door/alert conditions. The Hotline Multi-8 System consists of an 8 line Input Module and Phone Flasher Indicator Module with connecting cable. The Input Module is usually mounted near the telco input back board, and has 8 modular RJ11 connectors for connecting to the CO lines. There is sufficient wire for staking the inputs to a “66” block if desired. The door/alert input is also located on the Input Module. The Phone Flasher and Input Module may be mounted using the supplied screws or the hook & loop fastening material. A 50’ cable is provided for connecting the Input Module to the Flasher Indicator Module in the studio location. Power for the system is applied to the Input Module using the supplied 9V, 500ma power supply.

The Indicator Module has an audible volume control switch (off/low/high), controlling both phone and door/alert audible, externally mutable audible control, and driver voltage for the available DM Engineering Solid State RELAYPACK for lighting up to 375 watts of 115VAC incandescent lamps for attention flashing. Up to 5 Indicator Modules may be “daisy chained” for multiple indicator locations. Additional Indicators with 50’ cables may be ordered, model PF-MF for additional locations.

Main Features:
• Microprocessor based circuitry for ultimate reliability and no “lock-ups”
• Multiple Ultra-Brite LEDs used for indicators, no bulbs to fail or replace
• Distinctive color visual indications for both phone and door/alert
• Distinctive audible signals for both phone and door/alert
• 3 position audible control switch; OFF / LOW / HIGH
• Remotely mutable control for audible signals; contact closure or TTL low to mute
• Door/alert indicator and audible activated by contact closure or TTL low
• Distinctive DC output voltages for driving the DME Solid State Relay Pack or other compatible SSR for turning on high wattage incandescent lamps for both phone and door indication
• Terminal block with screw connections are used for external I/O control for ease of wiring on the Indicator Module,
• RJ11 modular input on Indicator Module with additional modular connector for “daisy chaining” multiple Indicator Modules
• Small size, 5.75” x 2.6 ”x 1.1” each module. You can mount them almost anywhere with screws or supplied Velcro
• Telco input requirement: connected to actual telco line, not PBX or PABX output
• Indicator Module flashes with any or all of the telco input lines activated
• 9VDC, 500ma power supply, mounting screws and hook and loop mounting materials included

Note: photo shown is for the MOD-12, 12-line module.

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