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DM Engineering MSRA-RM

MSRA-RM Multi Station Relay Adapter, Rack Mount


The Multi Station Relay Adapters (MSRA & MSRA-RM) are microprocessor based, three stereo channel accessory for the Sage-Endec and DASDEC EAS encoder-decoders (endec), which expands the allowable controlled number of stations from a single endec to up to a total of four. The MSRA-RM is compatible with the original Sage-Endec SE1822 and the new Digital 3644 when used in the analog audio mode, as well as the DASDEC series of EAS encoder-decoders. The endec has embedded programming that allows three additional stereo or mono stations, in addition to the station controlled within the endec itself, to be controlled using Multi Station Relay devices such as the DM Engineering MSRA. All digital commands and EAS audio is supplied by the endec, and the MSRA-RM interprets these commands to select the appropriate station or stations for EAS broadcast.

The MSRA-RM digital communication with the endec is via RS232 and the EAS audio for the MSRA is derived from the “Line Output” connection of the endec. A multi-turn recessed front panel “Input Gain” trim potentiometer and individual multi-turn “Station Gain” controls are provided for controlling the active stereo distribution amplifier sections having balanced output levels capable of greater than +12dBm into a 600 ohm load impedance. A recessed front panel “Test” switch is also provided for aiding in the setup of the audio levels.

An optically isolated open collector “Tally” output for user control applications is provided and is active when any or all of the 3 MSRA-RM controlled stations are activated, and remains active until the end of the EAS activation. The MSRA-RM is transparent to program audio due to its loop-through design, and uses 6 high quality bifurcated gold over silver nickel contact sealed relays, one relay for each left and each right channel circuit. The MSRA-RM also is designed to remain transparent to program audio during any power failure condition.

All station inputs and outputs are connected using large 5mm Eurostyle screw type pluggable connectors for wiring ease and connection reliability. The internal power supplies, precision regulators, precision audio distribution amplifier sections and quality components throughout assure long life and trouble free operation of the MSRA-RM. No external power supplies (wall warts) are required.

Front panel LED indicators are provided for “Power” and “Station” left and right audio relay activation indicators during an EAS event.

Both the MSRA-RM 2U rack mount system and table top units are available.

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