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Phone Flasher (PF-MF)


Need extra Hotline Multi Indicator Modules for more than one location? The Hotline Multi Flasher, (model PF-MF) is the answer. Up to 5 Indicator Modules total may be “daisy chained” from one Indicator Module to another for multiple locations, studios, offices, etc. These indicators are designed to work exclusively with the Studio Hotline Multi Systems described below.

This multiple line (up to 12) phone flasher and door announcer/alert indicator system is specifically designed to meet the needs of the broadcaster. The Studio Hotline Multi System notifies studio and office personnel of ringing phones, people at the door ringing the bell, or an alert condition using ultra-bright, wide angle and distinctive LED indicators.

Consisting of an Input Module that has capability of up to 12 lines in groups of 4, (see MOD-4, MOD-8 and MOD-12) and a Studio-Hotline Indicator Module with 50 ft. connecting cable, the Multi System offers comprehensive performance. Each Hotline Multi System can connect up to 4 additional Studio Hotline Indicator Modules, which may be daisy-chained for indicators in multiple studios or locations for a total of 5 Indicators. All indicators will activate when any or all of the telco lines are ringing. Each Studio Hotline Indicator Module has a distinctive audible volume control switch (off/low/high), externally mutable audible control, and driver voltage for the DME Solid State Relay pack for lighting up to 375 watts of 115VAC incandescent lamps for attention flashing.

Select a system that’s just right for your operation. Studio-Hotline Multi Systems should not be confused with the single-line, standalone Studio-Hotline. Input Modules are available in 4-, 8- and 12-line versions so you need only buy the number of lines you truly need.

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