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Digilink-HD-Complete - On-Air software Bridge switcher DHD-Tools 1Yr support/updates


DHD-COMPLETE is the full featured, senior member of the Digilink-HD radio automation product family that adds source and logic control to hard disk audio playback. Digilink-HD software connected to an Arrakis 'Bridge' supports all of the hard disk audio features of DHD-AIR plus Satellite automation, Ball Games, and Timed Recording, each from up to 16 source channels. The Bridge also includes two professional quality sound cards for Program 1 and Program 2 outputs to a console for manual crossfades during Live Assist operation. Add an optional Arrakis DHD-DAC for a Program 3 output to a third console channel for 3 channel manual mixes. Automation supports standard hard disk automation , source automation, satellite automation, AND Game automation with rain delay. DHD-COMPLETE also comes with DHD-tools for library management, production, voice tracking, scheduling, and reporting on both the on air PC and another networked auxiliary studio. DHD-COMPLETE is a complete station solution for any broadcast radio station format.

DHD-COMPLETE is a hardware and software bundle (PCs not included). It includes (1) Digilink-HD on air software, (2) Arrakis 'Bridge' hardware , and (3) DHD-tools for a networked auxiliary studio for scheduling, library management, production, reporting, and more. With DHD-COMPLETE, you have a complete radio station with On Air, Production, and Traffic studios. All can be performed on a single PC or use one PC on air and a networked PC for all other functions. Add more On air and auxiliary studios by optionally adding more DHD-AIR, DHD-COMPLETE, and DHD-tools workstations in other networked studios.

DHD-tools software can select from and control up to 10 On-Air studios. Record your voice tracks, change your schedules, add audio to specific stations and manage your audio libraries. All of this can be done for up to ten on air stations from a single networked PC. With DHD-tools, you have an all access pass to all networked stations. This gives your staff the ability to do their work from any studio, at any time, on their schedule... from anywhere in the world. Letting you get more done in less time.

For Live On Air, the live assist screens within DHD-COMPLETE are powerful and yet easy to use. Each DJ has quick access to all major components for live assist. Add a second monitor, and immediately you have twice the information at your fingertips. Touchscreen compatible, the DHD-COMPLETE allows you to access Hot Keys on the fly. The dual (or optional triple) play sound card outputs can be wired to your console for manual fade between play out channels. Manually control segues between songs, bed levels, and more. You can also create custom playlists, look at reports and search through your audio database in seconds. Got a specific song in mind, but can't remember the name? Use the powerful search function. Have a phone call and want to quickly record the call for instant playback, use the Recorder-editor. DHD enables your DJ's to do more, quickly and efficiently.

For Automation On Air, do you want to sound live 24x7 without the cost of being live 24x7? DHD-COMPLETE gives you the ability to create elaborate voice tracks using its built in segue editor and voice track recorder. As your song fades out, play a music bed under your voice track. Auto-duck the incoming song and finish your voice track clean and tight. The process is quick, and easy, thus expanding your "Live" hours to when no one is at the station.

Main Features:
Included in DHD-COMPLETE package -
• Support for two studios (On Air and DHD-tools).
• Digilink-HD live on air and automation software.
• Arrakis 'Bridge' hardware (16 x 3 stereo switcher, 2 sound cards, 64 logic lines)
• DHD-tools software for scheduling, library management, production, reporting, reconciliation and more.
• DHD-tools usb key that unlocks DHD-tools
• Note: current model Windows PCs are user supplied.

Hardware - Arrakis 'Bridge'
• Switcher inputs: 16 analog balanced, trimpot adjust
• Audio outputs: Program 1, Program 2, Record, analog balanced, trimpot adjust
• Logic: 64 logic lines, open collector, ground logic
• High performance professional performance

Live Assist - Running a live show, the Digilink-HD can help.
• 2 (or 3) Cart machines - with audio outputs for manual fade control from console channels
• Hot Key pages - Create an unlimited amount of Hot Key pages with custom names.
• Playlist - Create custom playlists for your live shows.
• Live Voice tracks - Quickly and Easily voice track your show live.
• Recorder-editor - Quick record and edit for call-ins or for podcasts.
• Up/Down Timer - Count down or up timer for Live Assist.
• Dual Monitor Compatible - Connect 2 monitors for even more space to work.
• Drag and Drop - Easily Drag and Drop audio files to the automation player or hot keys.

Automation - Play music and shows unattended.
• Hard disk and Satellite and Game automation
• Satellite automation - supports 16 sat channels with logic for Breaks, liners, ID, and Record.
• Game automation - switcher and logic interface with rain delay.
• Weekly Schedules - Create weekly schedules that rotate using music categories and cart rotations.
• Voice track - Create voice tracks for your entire week in a matter of hours. Sound live when the station is unattended.
• Segue Editor - Powerful Segue Editor that allows you to set custom overlap times, duck audio and play Music Beds underneath the voice track.
• Templates - Save & Load schedule templates, such as a Christmas schedule, for later use.
• Copy & Paste Hours - Save hours of schedule with the Copy & Paste function. Copy Hours or even days for quick scheduling.
• Music Scheduling- Create up to 21 different music categories and schedule special music hours.
• 3rd Party Traffic - Import 3rd party traffic schedules to quickly schedule your week.
• 3rd Party Music - Import 3rd party music schedules to merge into your schedule.
• Cart Rotations - create cart rotations for spots for easy scheduling and playback.
• Start & Kill Dates - add kill dates for files to play at only certain times of the year.
• Clocks - Create custom Hour Format clocks to merge with traffic, or music. Extremely flexible and powerful.
• Never Dead Air - Autofill protection if audio is missing or if the hour is under scheduled.

Ball Games - Play High School, College & Pro Ball Games.
• Flexible - With ball games, especially High School games, there are many ways to make it work for your specific situation.
• Fully Automated - Save TIME & MONEY by fully automating ball games. Closures support ID, Spotset Break, Liners, Rain Delay/Return to Game & End Game.
• Rain Delay - Have a Rain Delay? The Digilink-HD can take you to your backup schedule and then back to the game when it comes time.
• Start & Kill Dates / Cart Rotations - Supports kill dates as well as cart rotations.

Networkable - Do all your Production & Traffic scheduling from a remote PC
• DHD-Tools - use an advanced scheduling software product for scheduling, voice tracking, reporting and library management. Connect up to 10 On-Air studios.
• Standard Windows Network - Digilink-HD uses a standard Windows network connection.
• Scheduling - Schedule and reconcile your spot logs from a networked PC so you don't have to bother On Air Talent.
• Production - Do all of your production from a networked PC. Easily send audio to 1 station or to multiple stations.

Remote Access - Connect, to control. Optional upgrade. Learn More
• Remote Voice Tracking - Voice track for your automation from anywhere in the world.
• Remote Control - Control your On-Air or auxiliary PC's from anywhere with an internet connection.
• Remote Production - Add or remove audio files to your system remotely. Manage your audio files. Schedule your automation. Perform all major tasks remotely.

Internet Streaming
• Internet Streaming Ready - works with 3rd party streaming services.
• Compatible - The Digilink-HD is ready to work with most major streaming services.
• Title & Artist info - Send Title & Artist information to your website or streaming service.

Library Manager - Make production easy.
• Format Files - Works with .mp3, .mp2 or .wav format files.
• Auto-Name - Recognizes all .mp3 Tag data. Title, Artist, Album & Year. Saves hours when adding files to the system. Timed Recorder - automatic capture of network shows
• 16 channel switcher - record from up to 16 different source channels.
• Timed Record - Setup timed records to record at designated times for later playback.
• Trigger on Audio - It listens for audio and will only record when it gets audio, so no more dead air recordings.
• Closure Record - trigger timed records based on a closure from the network.
• Live Shows - Record your Live shows for playback later, or to send to your website as a podcast.
• Automation Shows - Record your Automation player so you can play scheduled shows for later use.
• Copy & Paste - quickly and easily schedule a week of recordings by copy and pasting hours or days. Reports - Create BMI/SoundExchange & Traffic Logs.
• BMI & SoundExchange - Quickly and easily create music played reports for royalty payments.
• Spot Logs - Create spot logs to see what and when spots played Resources - Many ways to learn.
• Comment line Help: just hover the mouse pointer over a control for an explanation of the control
• Embedded Help: Help text boxes are embedded into the software for instant explanation of each feature.
• Manual: a comprehensive electronic operations manual in PDF format.
• Video Tutorials - Dozens of video tutorials to learn the software on your schedule and at your pace. 
Online Help - go the Arrakis website for quick & easy help
• Phone Support- call and speak to our knowledgable staff.
• Factory Training - FREE 2 day training at our Colorado facility. Warranty
• Bridge: one years parts and labor.
• Software: one year during business hours and business days.

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