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Arrakis Xtreme Complete

Digilink Xtreme Automation Workstation (DX-COMPLT)


Arrakis Xtreme Complete Figure 1Arrakis Xtreme-Complete is a cost-effective, PC-based automation workstation for Radio. It can perform simultaneous On-air playback, recording, production, scheduling, and logging on a single Microsoft Windows-based PC. The system is made up of a Dell Business-class PC, Arrakis Bridge hardware, and Arrakis Digilink-Xtreme software. Only one of the many unique features of the system is that the PC is unmodified in any way. All sound cards, switcher, and logic functions are performed in the Arrakis Bridge, which connects to the PC by a single USB cable. In contrast to other automation systems that are very complex, the Arrakis Bridge is fast and easy to install and service.

• Dell Optiplex PC (per current configuration)
• 19" LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse
• Dell, 3 year, next business day on-site service
• PC configuration and Setup for Automation
• Arrakis Xtreme Bridge
• Arrakis Xtreme software
• Arrakis 1 Year DX-SUPPORT (Xtreme Solutions Program with free telephone training, telephone support, training at the Arrakis factory, Bridge hardware replacement and software upgrades).

An Xtreme-Complete workstation is used for each on-air channel in a facility. As an example, an AM-FM requires two workstations. For the other studios in the station such as traffic, production, and news, Arrakis can supply a preconfigured Dell PC or the customer can supply their own PC. Unlike other systems that require the use of their extra cost PCs or extra cost software, Xtreme comes FREE with ‘X-Sched' software for the scheduling room, ‘X-edit-pro' for the production room, and ‘Xtreme- Studios' for the news room. Xtreme is truly a complete solution for your radio station. See XTREME-PC for a basic Dell Computer satellite setup.

Xtreme-Complete Features:
• Full Featured Software - Xtreme fully supports all types of on air operation: live, live assist, hard disk automation, and satellite automation. For live operation Xtreme features a play list with up to 500 events, a 300-cart hot key wall, a directory search by cart/title/time/artist, and a phoner recorder with editor. For hard disk automation, Xtreme features a powerful and yet easy to use music scheduler with up to 25 categories and a wide variety of selection criteria. The satellite automation system supports up to 16 satellite sources which handles even the most complex sports-talk format. With voice tracking, Games feature, a one week scheduler, a one week timed recorder, time squeeze, powerful logging, and much more, Xtreme is an exceptionally full featured live air, production, and automation system.
• Powerful Hardware - The Xtreme automation system features dual audio outputs for Program and Cue. Up to four audio streams can be mixed to program while cueing. The system also features dual simultaneous records for timed recording and phoner recording. Unlike other systems that only support 8 inputs, the Bridge routing switcher has 16 stereo inputs with dual outputs to support the most sophisticated news-talk formats. Any of the 16 inputs can be played on air while any of the 16 inputs can also be recorded. The switcher has logic for up to 16 satellite channels. All inputs and outputs are professional active balanced circuits with trimpot adjust.
• PC + Bridge = Better Design - Xtreme is simply better by design. Where other systems require expensive and difficult-to-service custom PCs, Xtreme only requires a standard off-the-shelf PC that plugs by USB cable into the Arrakis Bridge black box. The Bridge contains all of the ‘radio specific' parts of the system: sound cards, switcher, and logic. With this kind of system, the PC can be supported by local IT techs who do not need to be broadcast engineers, while the ‘radio' parts of the automation system can be easily installed and supported by radio engineers who do not need to be PC experts. Installation and maintenance are dramatically improved.
• Fast and Easy to Install
• FREE Training and support
• Next Business Day Service
• Scheduling, News & Production studio software is FREE with Xtreme
• Easy Networking: no file server required

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