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Arrakis Xtreme PC

Dell Optiplex PC (per current configuration) X-DELL-PC


Arrakis Xtreme PC Figure 1For use with the Arrakis Xtreme-Complete Automation System, this Xtreme-PC is the perfect satellite station in your production studio, or for a PC backup computer. The Xtreme-PC is essentially a Dell Computer and Xtreme software, but without the Arrakis Bridge hardware necessary for automation, and should only be used in support of the Xtreme-Control system.

• Dell Optiplex PC (per current configuration)
• 19" LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse
• Dell, 3 year, next business day on site service
• PC configuration and Setup for Automation
• Xtreme software (Xtreme-studios or X-sched)
• 1 Year DX-SUPPORT (Xtreme Solutions Program)

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