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40 button RS422 LCD labeled control surface


The DADpad is a keypad like control surface that can connect to an existing ENCO DAD Workstation and provide 10 banks of 40 random access playback buttons. Each provides programmable background color and includes dynamic label and countdown timer information displayed within the button. These hardware buttons can be “mapped” to either the Array or Mini-Array virtual machines within the DAD interface making audio assignment simple and logical.

The DADpad unit connects to the DAD workstation as a serial device (either RS-232 or RS-422 based on the option ordered) and does NOT require any additional software from the Manufacturer. All that is required is that the DADpad option be enabled in the DAD Security Key and a few changes be made to the DAD workstation’s configuration file then the DADpad is ready for use. DADpad is ENCO’s custom adaptation of JL Cooper’s MCS-ClipShot. Multicolored buttons w/LCD display assignable to up to 400 cuts/commands. QWERTY keyboard function facilitates library searching and command entry.

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