Bob Randolph, Sales Representative



Preferred title
: BSW Sales Representative suits me just fine. Glad to wear this hat.


Favorite thing about your job: Coming from the music industry, I am a natural gear-head. It gives me great pleasure to provide hardware and solutions for entertainment and communication professionals. Bringing people together is what it is all about.


When not working: …I can be found playing in bands in the Seattle area night clubs and Casinos, making custom guitars and woodwork, hiking the Cascade Mountains and salmon fishing in the rivers of the Great Northwest


On my Radio:…all of them! I am an equal-opportunity radio consumer – Rock, Alternative Rock, Modern Pop, Classical, Jazz, Talk, News, Public Broadcasting, etc. I am in my car about 1 to 3 hours a day listening to the radio.


Words of wisdom: Mastery is when you study something so thoroughly that you can forget what you know and react instinctively.


Favorite movie: hmmm…my tastes range widely. Anything by actor Peter Sellers, especially Being There.


Dream dinner guests: …and seated in this order: Moses, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Homer Simpson, MLK, Gandhi, Tom Brokaw. I would sit between Moses and Brokaw, though I’m sure Brokaw will speak entirely too loud to hear Gandhi speak. Maybe I should move Marilyn away from John, she might start singing.


Favorite vacation destination: Oregon Coast, motel on the boardwalk at Seaside, Thanksgiving weekend, fire in the fireplace, feet up, good book, happy family.


My passion is: Human health/well-being through relaxation, entertainment.

Bob's Bio
Bob Randolph, modern renaissance man : While I prefer to think of myself as a self-made person (here’s where I give my best Deputy Barney Fife self-inflating sniff) I must acknowledge the huge influence of my upbringing- military family, lots of USA travel, three grandparents that were school teachers, two of which were concert pianists. I can proudly thank that family richness for my healthy artistic/scientific roots and a taste for exciting locales and adventures.

I have studied guitar and voice for many years and have successfully toured North America many years playing popular and original music before settling down and making a family here in Seattle. Some of my favorite experiences in music were playing in Nashville, Las Vegas, New Orleans and oddly enough, Alaska and the Yukon. Taking the Marine Highway ferries through the Southeast Alaska waterways is an experience without equal. I love the human cultural landscape as much as the natural landscape.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from a southern university (Go Razorbacks!) and A+ computer repair training. I write and record music at home on a customized PC with ProTools and really enjoy my guitar rig (Warmoth custom guitars and digital modeling amps). I meditate and study philosophy, comparative religion, metaphysics and the paranormal, and can occasionally be seen levitating over the Cascade foothills with my two beautiful children.

Selling radio and audio gear at BSW is a real natural for me. I dig the culture, the gear and all the interesting personalities I meet.



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