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Angry Audio Talkshow Gadget

Mic control and monitor muting for small audio mixers 991008


Angry Audio Talkshow Gadget
Angry Audio Talkshow GadgetAngry Audio Talkshow Gadget
Check out BSW’s selection of small-format live mixers and be amazed at the variety and value. Though terrific for live work, these mixers lack a few features that would make them even more useful for broadcasting. Meet the Talkshow Gadget. When paired with your live mixer, the Talkshow Gadget provides the essential features needed in the broadcasting and podcasting studio.

LED illuminated pushbuttons give you instant activation of four microphones. A stereo volume control adjusts the levels of your powered studio monitors. Automatic logic mutes the monitor signal when any mic is active. An external input for a tuner or internet stream decoder lets you easily sample what your audience is hearing. There’s even a logic output to control an ON AIR sign to let everyone know the mics are hot.

Connections are simple. Commonly-available cables with ¼ inch TRS connectors at both ends are all you need. The audio signal path is completely passive, with sealed switches and gold-contact relays. The pushbuttons have long-life LED illumination. The chassis is powder-coated steel and all the components are carefully curated to last. Even the power supply is internal (no wall wart here). The Talkshow Gadget is built to last in the rough and tumble world of radio broadcasting.

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