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Arrakis DARC-ASIO-PRO Bundle

DARC ASIO Pro Bundle - DARC Virtual 8 Channel license w/ Behringer UMC1820 & ADA8200



Meet DARC, an intuitive, powerful Virtual Software Console. Capable of either utilizing Dante AoIP or paired with an affordable off the shelf ASIO soundcard. DARC Virtual is a powerful mixing console that is everything you need for a software mixer. Flexible and powerful for your needs today, and tomorrow. The DARC Virtual ASIO Pro bundle is a dynamic software console featuring 8 channels, 18 mono inputs, and 20 mono outputs. It offers software assignable inputs, allowing you to configure your sources as mono or stereo. You can conveniently switch between individual source inputs or use user presets. Being a software console, it provides you with the unmatched flexibility of local and remote control. The DARC Virtual ASIO bundle is the ultimate software console, offering exceptional value for your needs.

What's included:
• DARC Virtual 8 Console software license
• Behringer UMC1820
 • Behringer ADA8200
*Windows PC not included

INPUTS - 18 Mono inputs:
• Qty 8 XLR or 1/4 TRS connectors.
• Qty 8 XLR connectors.
• 16 Midas designed mic preamps, which include +48V phantom power for condenser microphones.
• Independent channel audio level adjust.
• Inputs 9 & 10 are SPDIF digital connectors. May require A/D converter.
OUTPUTS - 20 Mono outputs:
• Qty 10 - 1/4 TRS connectors.
Outputs include:
 • Program
 • Audition
 • Utility
 • Mix- (qty 6) (External Phone Hybrid required)
 • Cue
 • Monitor (SPDIF output may require D/A converter)
 • Headphone
 • 1/4 Headphone out built into UMC1820. Includes volume adjust, and select between Program and Audition mixes.
 • 2nd Headphone output with software volume control.
 • Outputs 11 & 12 are SPDIF digital connectors, which are assigned to the Monitor output. May require D/A converter.

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